& Valley -
Cold Springs Aspens - McKenzie Pass Road
Below Lake Creek Falls
Late July on Esmond Creek
Grasshopper Meadows - Oregon Cascades
South Sister and Broken Top from Sparks Lake
The Three Sisters and the Willamette Valley from Marys Peak
Frosted Finery
Pink Canyon Collection - Valley of Fire
The Three Sisters from the East - First Light
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All Rights Reserved
Banana Slug Love - Bob Keller Photo
Fogbound - Oregon White Oaks
A Rare Snowfall in the Yachats Woods
Tracery at Green Peak Falls
Skunk Cabbage Flowers - Umpqua Wetlands
Summer Light - North Fork Yachats River
Summer Light - North Fork Yachats River
Big Indian Gorge - Steens Mountain
The Grandfather Tree
Mountain Hemlock - Tsuga mertensiana
Winter Heron - Yachats Wetlands
Rime Ice on Steens Mountain
Summer Impressions - South Fork Alsea
Upper Wahkeena Creek #1 - Columbia River Gorge
Understory #2 - Vine Maples beneath Douglas-firs
Springtime Melody - Vine Maples
Late Winter on the South Santiam River
Parker Creek Cascades
Maidenhair #2 - Yachats Woods
Sanctuary Tree No. 2 - Bigleaf
Hidden Heather Trove
Summer Swirls - Sweet Creek
Summer Impressions - Buck Creek
Cloud Forest - Red Alders
Canyon Creek Meadows and Three-fingered Jack
Lava Glow
Primeval - Four Hole Swamp
Cycles in the Red Alder Grove
The Rainforest in Winter - Tenmile Creek
Fog Settles on Alchemilla
Grasp - Oregon Manroot
May - False Liliy of the Valley
Rays of Hope (In an Uncertain World)
Nike Rock - Valley of Fire
Windstone Arch Cave
Strawberry Cone - Painted Hills
Sunset Light - Painted Hills
Early November on Vincent Creek
Marsh Composition with Reeds and Sky
From the Pacific beaches
and bluffs, moving east
over the Coast Range
through dense stands of
Sitka spruce, then
Douglas-fir and Western
Hemlock, descending into
the verdant Willamette
Valley, across the rivers
then up again and over
the high Cascades
passes, and finally down
and out onto the juniper-
and sagebrush-strewn
vastness of Oregon's dry
side - the immense variety
of imagery that presents
itself is a lifetime challenge.
Changing Seasons - Vine Maples
October Trail - Oregon Cascades
Late July on Cape Creek
Twists of Time - Western Juniper
Gardiner Guardian
Canary Island Pine Window - Garachico, Tenerife
Early August on MacCleod Creek
Ephemeral Pool - Reflected Sunlight
Oregon Dunes