Bob Keller Photography
The American Northwest
and Beyond
Tidepool Life
Yachats Tidepool #1
Aggregating anemones #3
Aggregating anemones #2
Nucella emarginata on barnacles
Nucella canaliculata with eggs
Tantalizing tentacles
Anemone Lineup
Denizens of another world
Sea star cove - Minus tide
Queen of the anemones
Nucella emarginata congregation - Seal Rocks
Banana Slug Love - Bob Keller Photo
Nudibranch - Anisodoris nobilis
Nudibranch - Dirona albolineata
Nudibranch - Hermissenda crassicornis
Hunting Oregon Beach Agates
Aggregating Anemone
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It's always worth it to take some time sitting silently
beside a tidal pool and being amazed at what shows up.