Bob Keller Photography
Welcome.  I am a naturalist, nemophilist, Oregon coast photographer and gallery owner.  I was a practitioner of
shinrin-yoku long before I discovered that the Japanese had coined a term for it.  After many years of creative
living in Mendocino village on the beautiful northern California coast, I find myself pleasantly situated five
degrees of latitude to the north in Yachats (say YAH-hots), Oregon, known as "The Gem of the Oregon Coast",
and more recently as
"The Home of the World's Largest Ocean".  I've been fortunate; both of these
outstandingly scenic areas are rewarding places to be a photographer.  I am a believer in working the local turf,
although I do travel.  The once-empty Oregon portfolio has steadily filled as I've explored this wonderfully
diverse state - naturally emphasizing the dramatic shoreline and profound forest where I live.  My work is
available here on the central Oregon coast at
Wave Gallery in Yachats.  I hope that you'll enjoy browsing the
pictures and, if you should pass this way, I invite you to stop by the gallery to see the Northwest (and beyond)
at its internationally-recognized best.

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Bob Keller on Ona Beach
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The American Northwest
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