Bob Keller Photography
Inland Mendocino County
The diversity of habitat is unmatched - segue from river-cut
coastline through dense redwoods, traverse verdant meadows and
prolific vineyards, contour oak-studded hills and climb into the high
interior mountains with their Sierra Nevada-like aspect.
Stream in the Mendocino Highlands
Old Cypress Windbreak near Elk - Mendocino Coast
Spring Ranch - Littleriver, Mendocino Coast
Old Cypress Windbreak near the Garcia River
Spring Landscape - Mendocino County
Winter Oak #1 - Mendocino County
Fall - North Fork Big River, Mendocino County
Russian Gulch Falls _ Mendocino County
Bigleaf Maple Leaves, North Fork Big River - Mendocino County
Early Spring Vineyard - Mendocino County
Bob Keller
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Images of the Northwest Coast